About TooCool

I am a Nashville native happy to bring you fashionable beaded jewelry and accessories for any and all occasions. For as long as I can remember jewelry fascinated me, bracelets being my favorite. I have always had small wrists, so bracelets never really fit the way I wanted them to. One day in college I really wanted a bracelet to match my outfit and I wanted it to fit my wrist nicely. That’s when it hit me! I decided to make my own. After I made the first one I just kept making more. A few of my friends really liked what I put together and requested that I make them a few. I could not afford to buy everything and just give it away so, I decided that I could start selling them. I quickly got to work.

During college most of the money I made making bracelets typically went towards food or gas. I was okay with that though, the biggest reward for me was the sense of comfort and peace I got putting the different styles and color ways together. Once I graduated and began working full-time, I was able to truly invest in myself and work to turn a small hustle into a big business!

TooCool Jewelry & Accessories is still growing with much more to come. I have learned a lot on this journey. One of the biggest things is, patience. Never feel rushed. Moving too fast can cause you to miss a step or miss out on the beauty of the journey. No matter what your dreams or goals are... take your time, enjoy the ride, and DO NOT give up on yourself.

Wishing you an abundance of peace, love, and happiness. Thank you for visiting my website. I am TooCool and I am excited to help you accessorize!